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Do you feel like you have your ‘financial act’ together? Do you have a will, healthcare directives, power of attorney? If so, great. Is it current? Have you already protected your income and family  with insurance? If so. Great. Is it current? If you answered no to any of these perhaps we should chat.

Fixed Life Insurance

An extremely important planning tool. This coverage can help fill that financial gap between what you have saved and what is needed to minimize disruption in your loved ones lifestyle. We have witnessed firsthand this coverage keep families in homes, kids in college, and allow survivors time to adjust to their new norm.

Disability Insurance

Could you stop working tomorrow and live out the rest of your life with the money and assets you have already acquired? If not, we should discuss protecting your income with disability insurance.

Long Term Care

Have you or anyone you’ve known had to care for an elderly relative? Are you concerned about exhausting your retirement savings on care or relying on others in your final years? Long Term Care insurance is there to help cover the costs of care while preserving your assets and the lifestyle of loved ones.

Health Insurance

Are you in between jobs, self-employed or work for a company that does not offer health insurance and need to protect yourself? If so, and you are under age 65, there may be individual health plans available to you. PBS has partnered up with an individual health insurance specialist to assist you.

Medicare & Supplement Plans

Are you, or someone you know, age 65 or older (or soon to turn 65) and confused about Medicare? Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to make sense of your options. PBS has partnered up with Medicare specialists to help guide you.

International Travel Insurance

Do you plan on traveling internationally in the future?  Have you thought to check if your local health insurance works outside of the United States?  Chances are it will only cover you in an emergency situation. More often than not the need to see a doctor while traveling is not for an emergency.  You should consider an international travel policy which will help cover the unexpected and allow you to truly enjoy your time traveling!

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