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In today’s aggressive market, having a competitive benefit program is important! PBS is here to help you evaluate what benefits best fit your needs, demographic and budget as well as take much of the administrative burden of managing those benefits off your plate!

Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of most requested benefits by employees. This coverage protects them from financial ruin should they or a covered family member get sick or injured. From ‘Cadillac’ plans with minimal out of pocket costs to ‘Catastrophic’ plans with lower premiums, we can help you decide which plan(s) to offer. There are many creative options available to help you offer health insurance that fits your budget as an employer and provides the employee with the level of coverage they need. Let us help you see if they are a fit for you.

Dental Insurance

Aside from protecting your smile, dental care ensures good oral and overall health. Several studies suggest that oral diseases, such as periodontitis (gum disease), can affect other areas of your body—including your heart. Understanding and choosing dental coverage will help protect you and your family from the high cost of dental disease and surgery.

Vision Insurance

With more and more screens to look at these days it is important to take good care or our eyes. Even those with perfect vision benefit from getting an annual exam. Like dental exams, vision exams can discover if a patient has hypertension, or even diabetes. Most vision plans are low in cost and cover an annual exam for a small copay plus access to glasses and/or contacts.

Fixed Life Insurance

Fixed life insurance is one of the least fun types of coverage to discuss, but probably one of the most important. When a loved one leaves you this coverage steps right in. Although it will never replace them, it does alleviate some of the financial burden from their loss. We have witnessed firsthand how this coverage can keep families in their homes, kids in college and alleviate some of the financial stress of losing a loved one. This coverage is more powerful than most know.


Let’s face it, although your employees may enjoy the work they do for you, they are primarily there for the paycheck. Why not show how much you care and provide them coverage to ensure they receive a paycheck if they cannot work due to accident or sickness. This is the other side of the coin from health insurance. Health insurance makes sure the Physicians’ are paid, disability insurance makes sure your employees continue to get paid.

Key Person Insurance

Every company has their key employees. From the ‘rain-maker’ salesperson to the account manager who has been with you for years and knows your clients as well, if not better, than you. If they could not work due to disability or death it would have a significant impact on your business. There would be costs to acquire and train new talent, loss of revenue, etc. We can help you put a plan in place to help stabilize your company should something happen to your key employee(s).

Voluntary Life & Disability Insurance

Although we have good intentions, many of do not get around to protecting our incomes and families. Outside of health insurance we tend to spend more time and money annually to insure our possessions like our home and cars. Employer sponsored voluntary plans provide access for your employees to purchase the coverage they need with the simplicity of having their premiums payroll deducted. A hidden bonus to employers is that many of these premiums can be paid on a pre-tax basis saving the employer the 7.65% FICA match.

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